Oct 24, 2017

Cluster Documentation

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For using graphically intensive applications like Matlab, Femlab etc from home, please use NX instead of X11 tunneling over ssh. A short tutorial on how to use NX is shown below -

  • Important change - With the new cluster installation, NX is moved to a dedicated server. Please use cluster-nx.mathstat.dal.ca instead of cluster.mathstat.dal.ca
  • Download and Install NX client from here
Connection Wizard
  • Please start NX Connection Wizard, adjust the slider depending on the type of internet connection. LAN is good for access from Chase Building over Ethernet.

Connection Wizard
  • Please use the cluster user name and password


  • The cache size could be increased for better performance

  • Please open a terminal and type qrsh to get an interactive session to the least loaded node. With the new interactive session to the node, software like Matlab, Femlab, Maple etc can be started.

Xfce Desktop

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