Summary: Dynamic Linking

Most applications, especially desktop applications, call Intel IPP via dynamic linking. This is the recommended way of calling Intel IPP functions.

To dynamically link Intel IPP software,

  1. include ipp.h, which will include the include files of all IPP domains.
  2. Use the non-decorated IPP function names (for example, the function ippsCopy_8u()) in the application code.
  3. Link corresponding domain import libraries, as well as import library ippcore.lib. For example, if you need to call the function ippsCopy_8u, ipps20.lib and ippcore.lib should be used. Alternatively, you can use the static version of ippcore instead of the dynamic version.
  4. At run time, the libraries library ipps20.dll and ippcore.dll should be in the executable search path.