Summary: Static Linking

Some applications use only a few Intel IPP functions and require a small memory footprint. Using the static link libraries via the emerged libraries ensures small footprint and optimization on multiple processors.

To statically link Intel IPP via the emerged libraries,

  1. include ippcore.h and ipps.h (and/or corresponding domain include files.)
  2. before calling any Intel IPP functions, initialize the static dispatcher using either the function ippStaticInitBest() or ippStaticInitCPU() declared in ippcore.h.
  3. use the non-decorated Intel IPP function names (for example, the function ippsCopy_8u()) in the application code.
  4. link corresponding emerged libraries followed by merged libraries, and then ippcorel.lib. For example, if the function ippsCopy_8u() is used, the linked libraries are ippsemerged.lib, ippsmerged.lib, and ippcorel.lib.