Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives Software Operation

This lesson discusses

  • how the Intel® IPP software operates when installed on your machine
  • the concept of dynamic and static linking options and explains the differences between them 
  • dispatching to specific processors.

Dispatching refers to detection of your central processing unit (CPU) and selecting the Intel IPP binary that corresponds to the hardware that you are using. 

Since most Intel IPP functions are optimized for a specific processor, a single Intel IPP function, for example ippsCopy_8u(), may have many versions, each one optimized to run on a specific Intel® processors. The name of each version is decorated with a prefix that denotes its target processor. As in the Intel IPP software package, the following processor abbreviations are used:




Generic C optimized code


Intel® Pentium® III processor code with SSE optimization


Intel® Pentium® 4 processor code with SSE2 optimization


Intel® Pentium® 4 processor code with SSE3 optimization


Intel® Xeon™ processor with Intel® EM64T optimization


Intel® Itanium® processor and Itanium® 2 processor optimization