VML Pack/Unpack Functions

Pack copies elements of an array with specified indexing to a vector with unit increment.
call vspacki (n, a, inca, y)
call vspackv (n, a, ia, y)
call vspackm (n, a, ma, y)
call vdpacki (n, a, inca, y)
call vdpackv (n, a, ia, y)
call vdpackm (n, a, ma, y)
vsPackI (n, a, inca, y);
vsPackV (n, a, ia, y);
vsPackM (n, a, ma, y);
vdPackI (n, a, inca, y);
vdPackV (n, a, ia, y);
vdPackM (n, a, ma, y);

Unpack copies elements of a vector with unit increment to an array with specified indexing.
call vsunpacki (n, a, y, inca)
call vsunpackv (n, a, y, iy)
call vsunpackm (n, a, y, my)
call vdunpacki (n, a, y, incy)
call vdunpackv (n, a, y, iy)
call vdunpackm (n, a, y, my)
vsUnpackI (n, a, y, incy);
vsUnpackV (n, a, y, iy);
vsUnpackM (n, a, y, my);
vdUnpackI (n, a, y, incy);
vdUnpackV (n, a, y, iy);
vdUnpackM (n, a, y, my);

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