Comparison Operators

The equality and inequality comparison operands can have mixed signedness, but they must be of the same size. The comparison operators for less-than and greater-than must be of the same sign and size.

Example of Syntax Usage for Comparison Operator

The nearest common ancestor is returned for compare for equal/not-equal operations.

Iu8vec8 A;

Is8vec8 B;

I8vec8 C;

C = cmpneq(A,B);

Type cast needed for different-sized elements for equal/not-equal comparisons.

Iu8vec8 A, C;

Is16vec4 B;

C = cmpeq(A,(Iu8vec8)B);

Type cast needed for sign or size differences for less-than and greater-than comparisons.

Iu16vec4 A;

Is16vec4 B, C;

C = cmpge((Is16vec4)A,B);

C = cmpgt(B,C);

Inequality Comparison Symbols and Corresponding Intrinsics

Compare For: Operators Syntax Intrinsic
Equality cmpeq R = cmpeq(A, B) _mm_cmpeq_pi32
Inequality cmpneq R = cmpneq(A, B) _mm_cmpeq_pi32
Greater Than cmpgt R = cmpgt(A, B) _mm_cmpgt_pi32
Greater Than
or Equal To
cmpge R = cmpge(A, B) _mm_cmpgt_pi32
Less Than cmplt R = cmplt(A, B) _mm_cmpgt_pi32
Less Than
or Equal To
cmple R = cmple(A, B) _mm_cmpgt_pi32

Comparison operators have the restriction that the operands must be the size and sign as listed in the Compare Operator Overloading table.

Compare Operator Overloading

R Comparison A B
I32vec2 R cmpeq
I[s|u]32vec2 B I[s|u]32vec2 B
I16vec4 R   I[s|u]16vec4 B I[s|u]16vec4 B
I8vec8 R   I[s|u]8vec8 B I[s|u]8vec8 B
I32vec2 R cmpgt
Is32vec2 B Is32vec2 B
I16vec4 R   Is16vec4 B Is16vec4 B
I8vec8 R   Is8vec8 B Is8vec8 B