How to Use This Document

This User's Guide explains how to use the Intel® C++ Compiler. It provides information on how to get started with the Intel C++ Compiler, how this compiler operates, and what capabilities it offers for high performance. You learn how to use the standard and advanced compiler optimizations to gain maximum performance of your application. This documentation assumes that you are familiar with the C++ standard programming language and with the Intel processor architecture. You should also be familiar with the host computer's operating system.


This document explains how information and instructions apply differently to each targeted architecture. If there is no specific indication to either architecture, the description is applicable to both architectures.

Notation Conventions

Style Definition
This type style indicates an element of syntax, a reserved word, a keyword, a file name, or part of a program example (text appears in lowercase unless UPPERCASE is required)
This type style indicates what you type as input
This type style indicates an argument on a command line or an option's argument
[ items ] indicates that the items enclosed in brackets are optional
{ item | item } indicates a set of choices from which you must select one
... (ellipses) indicates that an argument can be repeated several times