Overview: Options Quick Reference Guides

Conventions Used in the Options Quick Reference Tables

Convention Definition
[-] If an option includes "[-]" as part of the definition, then the option can be used to enable or disable the feature. For example, the -c99[-] option can be used as -c99 (enable c99 support) or -c99- (disable c99 support).
[n] Indicates that the value n in [] can be omitted or have various values.
Values in {} with vertical bars Used for option's version; for example, option -x{K|W|N|B|P} has these versions: -xK, -xW, -xN, -xB, and -xP.
{n} Indicates that option must include one of the fixed values for n.
Words in this style following an option Indicate option's required argument(s). Arguments are separated by comma if more than one are required.