Default Libraries

The following libraries are supplied with the Intel® C++ Compiler:

Library Description
For OpenMP* implementation
OpenMP static library for the parallelizer tool with performance statistics and profile information
libompstub.a Library that resolves references to OpenMP subroutines when OpenMP is not in use
libsvml.a Short vector math library
libirc.a Intel support library for PGO and CPU dispatch
Intel math library
Dinkumware* C++ Library
Unwinder library
Intel run time support for C++ features
Used for interoperability support with the -cxxlib-gcc option.
See gcc Interoperability.

When you invoke the -cxxlib-gcc option, the following replacements occur:


The Linux* system libraries and the compiler libraries are not built with the -align option.  Therefore, if you compile with the -align option and make a call to a compiler distributed or system library, and have long long, double, or long double types in your interface, you will get the wrong answer due to the difference in alignment.  Any code built with -align cannot make calls to libraries that use these types in their interfaces unless they are built with -align (in which case they will not work without -align).

Math Libraries

The Intel math library, libimf.a, contains optimized versions of math functions found in the standard C run-time library. The functions in libimf.a are optimized for program execution speed on Intel® Pentium® III and Pentium 4 processors. The Itanium® compiler also includes a libimf.a designed to optimize performance on Itanium-based systems. The Intel math library is linked by default.

See Managing Libraries and Intel Math Library.