Vectorizer Options

Option Description
-ax{K|W|N|B|P} Enables the vectorizer and generates specialized and generic IA-32 code. The generic code is usually slower than the specialized code.
-x{K|W|N|B|P} Turns on the vectorizer and generates processor-specific specialized code.
-vec_reportn Controls the vectorizer's level of diagnostic messages:
  • n =0 no diagnostic information is displayed.
  • n =1 display diagnostics indicating loops successfully vectorized (default).
  • n =2 same as n =1, plus diagnostics indicating loops not successfully vectorized.
  • n =3 same as n =2, plus additional information about any proven or assumed dependences.


If you use -c, -ipo with -vec_report{n} option or -c, -x{K|W|N|B|P} or -ax{K|W|N|B|P} with -vec_report{n}, the compiler issues a warning and no report is generated.

To produce a report when using the aforementioned options, you need to add the -ipo_obj option. The combination of -c and -ipo_obj produces a single file compilation, and hence does generate object code, and eventually a report is generated.

The following commands generate a vectorization report:

The following commands do not generate a vectorization report: