Using profmerge to Relocate the Source Files

The compiler uses the full path to the source file to look up profile summary information. By default, this prevents you from:

Source Relocation

To enable the movement of application sources, as well as the sharing of profile summary files, use profmerge with the -src_old and -src_new options. For example:

prompt>profmerge -prof_dir <p1> -src_old <p2> -src_new <p3>


This command will read the pgopti.dpi file. For each function represented in the pgopti.dpi file, whose source path begins with the <p2> prefix, profmerge replaces that prefix with <p3>. The pgopti.dpi file is updated with the new source path information.

You can execute profmerge more than once on a given pgopti.dpi file. You may need to do this if the source files are located in multiple directories.  For example:

prompt>profmerge -prof_dir -src_old /src/prog_1 -src_new /src/prog_2

prompt>profmerge -prof_dir -src_old /proj_1 -src_new /proj_2

In the values specified for -src_old and -src_new, uppercase and lowercase characters are treated as identical.  Likewise, forward slash (/) and backward slash (\) characters are treated as identical.

Because the source relocation feature of profmerge modifies the pgopti.dpi file, you may wish to make a backup copy of the file prior to performing the source relocation.