Key Files Summary for IA-32 Compiler

The following tables list and briefly describe files that are installed for use by the IA-32 version of the compiler.

/bin Files

File Description
codecov Code-coverage tool
Batch file to set environment variables
Scripts that check for license file and call compiler driver
Compiler drivers
mcpcom Intel® C++ Compiler
Compiler drivers
profmerge Utility used for Profile Guided Optimizations
proforder Utility used for Profile Guided Optimizations
tselect Test-prioritization tool
xiar Tool used for Interprocedural Optimizations
xild Tool used for Interprocedural Optimizations

/include Files

File Description
dvec.h SSE 2 intrinsics for Class Libraries
emm_func.h Header file for SSE2 intrinsics (used by emmintrin.h)
emmintrin.h Principal header file for SSE2 intrinsics
float.h IEEE 754 version of standard float.h
fvec.h SSE  intrinsics for Class Libraries
iso646.h Standard header file
ivec.h MMX(TM) instructions intrinsics for Class Libraries
limits.h Standard header file
mathf.h Principal header file for legacy Intel Math Library
mathimf.h Principal header file for current Intel Math Library
mmintrin.h Intrinsics for MMX instructions
omp.h Principal header file OpenMP*
omp_lib.h Header file for OpenMP
pgouser.h For use in the instrumentation compilation phase of profile-guided optimizations
pmmintrin.h Principal header file SSE3 intrinsics


sse2mmx.h Principal header file for Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 intrinsics
stdarg.h Replacement header for standard stdarg.h
stdbool.h Defines _Bool keyword
stddef.h Standard header file


varargs.h Replacement header for standard varargs.h
xarg.h Header file used by stdargs.h and varargs.h
xmm_func.h.h Header file for Streaming SIMD Extensions
xmm_utils.h Utilities for Streaming SIMD Extensions
xmmintrin.h Principal header file for Streaming SIMD Extensions intrinsics

/lib Files

Library Description
For OpenMP* implementation
OpenMP static library for the parallelizer tool with performance statistics and profile information
libompstub.a Library that resolves references to OpenMP subroutines when OpenMP is not in use
libsvml.a Short vector math library
libirc.a Intel support library for PGO and CPU dispatch
libimf.a Intel math library Intel math library
Dinkumware* C++ Library
Unwinder library
Intel run time support for C++ features
Used for interoperability support with the -cxxlib-gcc option.
See gcc Interoperability.