Interval Profile Dumping

void _PGOPTI_Set_Interval_Prof_Dump(int interval);


This function activates Interval Profile Dumping and sets the approximate frequency at which dumps will occur.  The interval parameter is measured in milliseconds and specifies the time interval at which profile dumping will occur.  For example, if interval is set to 5000, then a profile dump and reset will occur approximately every 5 seconds.  The interval is approximate because the time check controlling the dump and reset is only performed upon entry to any instrumented function in your application.


Recommended Usage

Call this function at the start of a non-terminating application to initiate Interval Profile Dumping.  Note that an alternative method of initiating Interval Profile Dumping is by setting the environment variable, PROF_DUMP_INTERVAL, to the desired interval value prior to starting the application. The intention of Interval Profile Dumping is to allow a non-terminating application to be profiled with minimal changes to the application source code.