Controlling Compilation Flow

Option Description
-c Stops the compilation process after an object file has been generated. The compiler generates an object file for each C or C++ source file or preprocessed source file. Also takes an assembler file and invokes the assembler to generate an object file.
-Kpic, -KPIC Generate position-independent code.
-lname Link with a library indicated in name.
-nobss_init Places variables that are initialized with zeroes in the DATA section.
-P, -F Stops the compilation process after C or C++ source files have been preprocessed and writes the results to files named according to the compiler's default file-naming conventions.
-S Generates assemblable file only (with .s suffix), then stops the compilation.
-sox[-] Enables [disables] the saving of compiler options and version information in the executable file. Default is -sox-.
-Zp{1|2|4|8|16} Packs structures on 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 byte boundaries.