Creating a New Project

To create a simple helloworld project, follow these steps after starting Eclipse*:

  1. Select Window > Open Perspective > C/C++ Development.

  2. From the Eclipse File menu, select New > Project. The New Project wizard opens with the Select dialog to specify the kind of project you want to create. In the left column, select C from the list.  In the right column, select Managed Make C Project. Click Next to proceed.
    See also Standard and Managed Make Files.

  1. In the Name text box of the Managed Make C Project dialog, type helloworld.  Check the Use Default Location box, if not already checked. Click Next to proceed.

  1. From the Select a Target dialog, select  Linux Executable Using Intel(R) C/C++ Compiler from the Platform drop-down list. Check the Release and Debug configuration boxes. Click Next to proceed.

  1. The Additional Project Settings dialog lets you create dependencies between your new project and other existing projects. There should not be any other existing projects at this point. Click Finish to complete creation of your new helloworld project.

  1. If you are not currently in the C/C++ Development Perspective, you will see the Confirm Perspective Switch dialog. Click Yes to proceed.

  1. In the Navigator view, you should now see an entry for your helloworld project.

The next step is Adding a C Source File.