Setting Properties

The Intel® C++ Compiler integration with Eclipse*/CDT* lets you specify compiler, linker, and  archiver options. Follow these steps to set options for your project:

  1. Select your project in the C/C++ Projects view.
  2. From the Eclipse toolbar, select Project > Properties > C/C++ Build.
  3. Under Configuration settings, click an option category for C Compiler or Linker. In the example that follows, the options in the Floating Point category are displayed.

  1. Check the option(s) you want to add to your project compilations, then open other categories if necessary.
  2. Click OK to complete your selections.

To reset properties to their default setting, click Restore Defaults. The Restore Defaults button appears on each property page, but the Restore Defaults action applies to ALL property pages.

Some properties use check boxes, while others use drop-down lists to specify a compiler option.

Several options let you specify arguments. Click New to add an argument to the list. Enter a valid argument for the option, then click OK.

In this example, __NO_MATH_INLINES and __SIGNED_CHARS__ are specified as arguments for the -U option.

If you want to specify an option that is not available from the Properties dialog, use the Command Line category. Enter the command line options in the Additional Options text box just as you would enter them on the command line.

For a complete list of options listed on the Properties page, see Properties for Supported Options.