Properties for Supported Options

The options listed in the following tables are supported under the corresponding Option Category.

Compiler Options

Use Option
General Show startup banner -V
Include debug information -g
Optimization level -O0
(default for Debug Config.)
(default for Release Config.)
Warning level -w0
-w1 (default)
Optimization Provide frame pointers -fp
Disable prefetch insertion -prefetch
Enable interprocedural optimization for single file compilation -ip
Disable intrinsic inline expansion -nolib_inline
Inline function expansion -Ob0
Optimize for Intel® processor -tpp5
-tpp7 (default)
Parallelization -parallel
Automatic Processing for Precompiled Headers -pch
Preprocessor gcc compatibility options -cxxlib-icc
Additional include directories -I
Ignore standard include path -X
Preprocessor definitions -D
Do not predefine _GNUC_, _GNUC_MINOR_, _GNUC_PATCHLEVEL_ macros -no-gcc
Undefine preprocessor definitions -U
Undefine all preprocessor definitions -A-
Language Enable use of ANSI aliasing rules in optimizations -ansi_alias
Disable C99 support -c99-
Recognize the restrict keyword -restrict
Process OpenMP* directives -openmp
Treat warnings as errors -Werror
Allow usage messages -Wcheck
Enable equivalent of GNU* ANSI -ansi
Strict ANSI conformance dialect -strict_ansi
OpenMP report -openmp_report0
Auto-parallelizer report -par_report0
Vectorizer report -vec_report0
Data Disable argument aliasing -alias_args-
Assume no aliasing in program -fno-alias
Allow gprel addressing of common data variables -fno-common
Allocate as many bytes as needed for enumerated types -fshort-enums
Change default bitfield type to unsigned -funsigned-bitfields
Change default char type to unsigned -funsigned-char
Store string literals in a writable section -fwritable-strings
Disable placement of zero-initialized variables in .bss - use .data -nobss_init
Default symbol visibility -fvisibility=extern
Structure member alignment -Zp1
-Zp16 (default)
Floating Point Improve floating-point consistency -mp
Round floating-point results -fp_port
Limit Complex range -complex_limited_range
Check floating-point stack -fpstkchk
Output Files Generate assembler source file -S
Generate position-independent code -fpic

Use Intel® processor extensions


Require Intel® processor extensions -xK


Generate traceback information -traceback

Library Options

Libraries Maximize speed across entire program -fast
Enable interprocedural optimization for single file compilation -ip
Link with static libraries -static
Link Intel® libcxa C++ library statically -static-libcxa
Link with dynamic libraries -i_dynamic
Use no C++ libraries -no_cpprt
Use no system libraries -nodefaultlibs
gcc compatibility options -cxxlib-icc
Process OpenMP directives -openmp
Additional libraries -l
Search directory for libraries -L
Archiver options -r