ABI compliance
acos library function
acosd library function
acosh library function
alternate tools and paths
annuity library function
ANSI/ISO standard
application binary interface (ABI)
ar archive tool
asin library function
asind library function
asinh library function
atan library function
atan2 library function
atand library function
atand2 library function
atanh library function

built-in functions

C/C++ Development Tools (CDT)
C_INCLUDE_PATH enviroment variable
cabs library function
cacos library function
cacosh library function
carg library function
casin library function
casinh library function
catan library function
catanh library function
cbrt library function
ccos library function
ccosh library function
ceil library function
cexp library function
cexp10 library function
cimag library function
cis library function
class libraries
   About the Classes
   C++ Classes and SIMD Operations
   Details About the Libraries
   Hardware and Software Requirements
    floating-point vector classes
       Arithmetic Operators
       Cacheability Support Operations
       Classes Quick Reference
       Compare Operators
       Conditional Select Operators for Fvec Classes
       Constructors and Initialization
       Fvec Notation Conventions
       Load and Store Operators
       Logical Operations
       Minimum and Maximum Operators
       Move Mask Operator
       Overview: Floating-point Vector Classes
       Programming Example
       Unpack Operators for Fvec Operators
    integer vector classes
       Addition and Subtraction Operators
       Assignment Operator
       Clear MMX(TM) State Operator
       Comparison Operators
       Conditional Select Operators
       Conversions between Fvec and Ivec
       Integer Intrinsics for Streaming SIMD Extensions
       Logical Operators
       Multiplication Operators
       Overview: Integer Vector Classes
       Pack Operator
       Rules for Operators
       Shift Operators
       Terms, Conventions, and Syntax Defined
       Unpack Operators
clog library function
clog2 library function
code-coverage tool
    and linking
    for non-shared libraries
    from the command line
    phases of
    with alternate tools and paths
    with make
compound library function
configuration files
conj library function
    for compiler options
copysign library function
cos library function
cosd library function
cosh library function
cot library function
cotd library function
CPATH enviroment variable
CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH enviroment variable
cpow library function
cproj library function
cpu dispatch
creal library function
csin library function
csinh library function
csqrt library function
ctan library function
ctanh library function

data alignment
data dependence
   Optimizations and Debugging
   Options for Debug Information
    compiler behavior
    compiler options
denormal results
deprecated compiler options
    C++ library
dynamic linking

    adding a source file
    building a project
    C/C++ Development Perspective
    creating a new project
    hello world
    IDE option categories
    Intel Error Parser
    restore defaults
    running a project
    script parameters
    setting properties
    specifying compiler options
    using online help
EMMS Instruction
    setting with iccvars.sh
erf library function
erfc library function
exp library function
exp10 library function
exp2 library function
expm1 library function

fabs library function
fdim library function
    and benefits
    for compiler input
    for precompiled headers
finite library function
floating-point precision
floating-point vector classes
floor library function
flushing denormal results
fma library function
fmax library function
fmin library function
fmod library function
frexp library function
function splitting

gamma library function
gamma_r library function
    compatibility with
    interoperability with
    language extensions
gcc function attributes
gcc macros
global symbols
    C library

hypot library function

IA32ROOT enviroment variable
IA64ROOT enviroment variable
ICCCFG enviroment variable
ICPCCFG enviroment variable
idb debugger
ilogb library function
include files
    searching for
inline expansion
   Controlling Inline Expansion of User Functions
   Criteria for Inline Function Expansion
integer vector classes
integrated development environment
Intel extensions
Intel math library
   Complex Functions
   Exponential Functions
   Hyperbolic Functions
   Intel math library
   Miscellaneous Functions
   Nearest Integer Functions
   Remainder Functions
   Special Functions
   Trigonometric Functions
Intel(R) C/C++ Error Parser
intermediate language
intermediate language files
interprocedural optimization
   Command Line for Creating an IPO Executable
   Creating a Multifile IPO Executable Using xild
   Overview: Interprocedural Optimizations
    compilation model
    benefits of using
    for cross-processor implementation
       Intrinsics Cross-processor Implementation
       Intrinsics for Implementation Across All IA
       MMX(TM) Technology Intrinsics Implementation
       Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 Intrinsics Implementation
       Streaming SIMD Extensions Implementation
    for data alignment
       Alignment Support
       Allocating and Freeing Aligned Memory Blocks
       Overview: Data Alignment, Memory Allocation Intrinsics, and Inline Assembly
    for Itanium(R) processor
       Conversion Intrinsics
       Intrinsics for Itanium(R) Instructions
       Load and Store
       Lock and Atomic Operation Related Intrinsics
       Multimedia Additions
       Native Intrinsics for Itanium(R) Instructions
       Operating System Related Intrinsics
       Register Names for getReg library function and setReg library function
    for new Intel processors
       Floating-point Vector Intrinsics
       Integer Vector Intrinsics
       Macro Functions
       Miscellaneous Intrinsics
    MMX(TM) Technology
       MMX(TM) Technology Compare Intrinsics
       MMX(TM) Technology General Support Intrinsics
       MMX(TM) Technology Intrinsics on Itanium Architecture
       MMX(TM) Technology Logical Intrinsics
       MMX(TM) Technology Packed Arithmetic Intrinsics
       MMX(TM) Technology Set Intrinsics
       MMX(TM) Technology Shift Intrinsics
    overview of
    Streaming SIMD Extensions
       Arithmetic Operations for the Streaming SIMD Extensions
       Cacheability Support Using Streaming SIMD Extensions
       Comparisons for the Streaming SIMD Extensions
       Conversion Operations for the Streaming SIMD Extensions
       Floating-point Intrinsics for Streaming SIMD Extensions
       Integer Intrinsics Using Streaming SIMD Extensions
       Load Operations for the Streaming SIMD Extensions
       Logical Operations for the Streaming SIMD Extensions
       Macro Function for Matrix Transposition
       Macro Function for Shuffle Using Streaming SIMD Extensions
       Macro Functions to Read and Write the Control Registers
       Memory and Initialization Using Streaming SIMD Extensions
       Miscellaneous Intrinsics Using Streaming SIMD Extensions
       Overview: Streaming SIMD Extensions
       Set Operations for Streaming SIMD Extensions
       Store Operations for Streaming SIMD Extensions
       Using Streaming SIMD Extensions on Itanium(R) Architecture
    Streaming SIMD Extensions 2
    Streaming SIMD Extensions 3
    usage syntax
isnan library function

j0 library function
j1 library function
jn library function

KMP_LIBRARY environment variable
KMP_STACKSIZE environment variable

language conformance
LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable
ldexp library function
legal information
lgamma library function
lgamma_r library function
   Creating a Library from IPO Objects
   Creating Libraries
   Overview: Using Libraries
    ar archive tool
    linking to
    with IPO objects
llrint library function
llround library function
log library function
log10 library function
log1p library function
log2 library function
logb library function
loop transformation
loop unrolling
lrint library function
lround library function