Intel(R) C++ Compiler User's Guide
    Disclaimer and Legal Information
    Welcome to the Intel(R) C++ Compiler
    What's New in This Release
    Features and Benefits
    Product Web Site and Support
    System Requirements
    FLEXlm* Electronic Licensing
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    How to Use This Document
    Compiler Options Quick Reference
    User's Guide
       Volume I: Building Applications
       Volume II: Optimizing Applications
          Compiler Optimizations
          Parallel Programming
             Vectorization (IA-32 only)
                Vectorizer Options
                Loop Parallelization and Vectorization
                Vectorization Key Programming Guidelines
                Data Dependence
                Loop Constructs
                Loop Exit Conditions
                Types of Loops Vectorized
                Strip Mining and Cleanup
                Statements in the Loop Body
                Language Support and Directives
                Vectorization Examples
                Loop Interchange and Subscripts: Matrix Multiply
             Auto Parallelization
             Parallelization with OpenMP*
          Optimization Support Features