Intel(R) C++ Compiler User's Guide
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    Welcome to the Intel(R) C++ Compiler
    What's New in This Release
    Features and Benefits
    Product Web Site and Support
    System Requirements
    FLEXlm* Electronic Licensing
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    How to Use This Document
    Compiler Options Quick Reference
    User's Guide
       Volume I: Building Applications
       Volume II: Optimizing Applications
          Compiler Optimizations
          Parallel Programming
             Vectorization (IA-32 only)
             Auto Parallelization
             Parallelization with OpenMP*
                Parallel Processing Thread Model
                Compiling with OpenMP*, Directive Format, and Diagnostics
                OpenMP Directives and Clauses
                OpenMP Support Libraries
                OpenMP Environment Variables
                OpenMP Run-time Library Routines
                Intel Extensions to OpenMP
                   Intel Extensions
                   Workqueuing Model
                      Workqueuing Constructs
                      Example Function
                Examples of OpenMP Usage
          Optimization Support Features