Intel(R) C++ Compiler User's Guide
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    Welcome to the Intel(R) C++ Compiler
    What's New in This Release
    Features and Benefits
    Product Web Site and Support
    System Requirements
    FLEXlm* Electronic Licensing
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    How to Use This Document
    Compiler Options Quick Reference
    User's Guide
       Compiler Limits
       Key Files
       Diagnostics and Messages
       Intel Math Library
       Intel(R) C++ Intrinsics Reference
          Intrinsics Implementation Across All IA
          MMX(TM) Technology Intrinsics
             Support for MMX(TM) Technology
             The EMMS Instruction: Why You Need It
             EMMS Usage Guidelines
             MMX Technology General Support Intrinsics
             MMX Technology Packed Arithmetic Intrinsics
             MMX Technology Shift Intrinsics
             MMX Technology Logical Intrinsics
             MMX Technology Compare Intrinsics
             MMX Technology Set Intrinsics
             MMX Technology Intrinsics on Itanium Architecture
          Streaming SIMD Extensions
          Streaming SIMD Extensions 2
          Streaming SIMD Extensions 3
          Intrinsics for Itanium(R) Instructions
          Data Alignment, Memory Allocation Intrinsics, and Inline Assembly
          Intrinsics Cross-processor Implementation
       Intel(R) C++ Class Libraries