Intel(R) C++ Compiler User's Guide
    Disclaimer and Legal Information
    Welcome to the Intel(R) C++ Compiler
    What's New in This Release
    Features and Benefits
    Product Web Site and Support
    System Requirements
    FLEXlm* Electronic Licensing
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    How to Use This Document
    Compiler Options Quick Reference
    User's Guide
       Compiler Limits
       Key Files
       Diagnostics and Messages
       Intel Math Library
       Intel(R) C++ Intrinsics Reference
       Intel(R) C++ Class Libraries
          Introduction to the Class Libraries
          Integer Vector Classes
          Floating-point Vector Classes
             Floating-point Vector Classes
             Fvec Notation Conventions
             Data Alignment
             Constructors and Initialization
             Arithmetic Operators
             Minimum and Maximum Operators
             Logical Operations
             Compare Operators
             Conditional Select Operators for Fvec Classes
             Cacheability Support Operations
             Load and Store Operators
             Unpack Operators for Fvec Operators
             Move Mask Operator
          Classes Quick Reference
          Programming Example