Compiler Options Details

Options to the ifort command affect how the compiler processes a file in conjunction with the file name suffix. The simplest form of the ifort command is often sufficient.

Styles of Compiler Options

Some options consist of two words separated by a space, while others may have words joined by an underscore ( _ ). Most options can be abbreviated, usually to four characters or more. For example, you can abbreviate -check output_conversion to -check out.

Intel® Fortran has four styles of compiler options:


If there are enabling and disabling versions of options on the command line, or two versions of the same option, the last one takes precedence.

Using Multiple ifort Commands

If you compile parts of your program by using multiple ifort commands, options that affect the execution of the program should be used consistently for all compilations, especially if data is shared or passed between procedures. For example:

Using the OPTIONS Statement to Override Options

You can override some options specified on the command line by using the OPTIONS statement in your Fortran source program. The options specified by the OPTIONS statement affect only the program unit where the statement occurs.

Getting Help on Options

For help, enter -help on the command line, which displays brief information about all the command-line options.