Assemblers and Linker

The assemblers and linker you can use are summarized in this table:



Provided with Intel Fortran Compiler?

IA-32 assembler

Linux* assembler, as


Itanium® assembler

Intel® Itanium® assembler, ias



System linker, ld(1)


You can specify alternate tool locations and options for preprocessing, compilation, assembly, and linking.

See also Libraries Provided by Intel Fortran.


For 32-bit applications, Linux supplies its own assembler, as.

For Itanium-based applications, use the Itanium assembler, ias. For example,  to link some specific input file to the Fortran project object file, do the following:

  1. Issue a command using the -S option to generate an assembly code file, file.s: ifort -S -c file.f

  2. To assemble the file.s file, call the Itanium® assembler with this command: ias -Nso -p32 -o file.o file.s

where the following assembler options are used:

-Nso suppresses the sign-on message.

-p32 enables defining 32-bit elements as relocatable data elements. (This option is available for backward compatibility.)

-o file.o indicates the output object filename.


The compiler calls the system linker, ld(1), to produce an executable file from the object files.