Invoking the Intel® Fortran Compiler

You can invoke the Intel® Fortran Compiler in either of two ways:

Using the ifort Command

The syntax is:

ifort [options] input_file(s)

An option is specified by one or more letters preceded by a hyphen.

Some options take arguments in the form of filenames, strings, letters, or numbers. Except where otherwise noted, you can enter a space between the option and its argument(s) or you can combine them. See Compiler Options Overview.

You can specify more than one input_file, using a space as a delimiter. See Input Files and Filename Extensions.


Options on the command line apply to all files. For example, in the following command line, the -c and -nowarn options apply to both files x.f and y.f:
ifort -c x.f
-nowarn y.f

Using the make Command

To compile a number of files with various paths and to save this information for multiple compilations, you can use a makefile to invoke the Intel® Fortran Compiler.

To use a makefile to compile your input files, make sure that /usr/bin and /usr/local/bin are in your path.

If you use the C shell, you can edit your .cshrc file and add the following:

setenv PATH  /usr/bin:/usr/local/bin:yourpath

Then you can compile as:

make -f yourmakefile

where -f is the make command option to specify a particular makefile.