Specifying Alternative Tool Locations and Options

The Intel® Fortran compiler lets you specify alternative tool locations and tool options to be used instead of default tools for preprocessing, compilation, assembly, and linking. You can use command-line options to do this.

Using -Qlocation to Specify an Alternative Location for a Tool

-Qlocation lets you specify the pathname location of a tool. This option's syntax is:


where tool is:

and path is the location of the tool.


ifort -Qlocation,fpp,/usr/preproc myprog.f

Using -Qoption to Pass Options to Tools

-Qoption lets you pass options to the preprocessor, compiler, assembler, or linker. This option's syntax is:


where tool is:

and options is one or more valid argument strings for the designated tool.

If the argument contains a space or tab character, you must enclose the entire argument in quotation marks (" "). You must separate multiple arguments with commas.

The following example directs the linker to link with an alternative library:

ifort -Qoption,link,-lmylib prog1.f