External Procedures Options

The external procedures options let you specify how external procedures are called.

Descriptions of External Procedures Options

-assume [no]underscore

Default: -assume nounderscore

Alternate syntax: -nus

Appends an underscore character to external user-defined names: the main program name, named COMMON, BLOCK DATA, global data names in MODULEs, and names implicitly or explicitly declared EXTERNAL. The name of blank COMMON remains _BLNK__, and Fortran intrinsic names are not affected.


Default: -nomixed_str_len_arg

Tells the compiler that the hidden length passed for a character argument is to be placed immediately after its corresponding character argument in the argument list.

The default value places the hidden lengths in sequential order at the end of the argument list. When porting mixed-language programs that pass character arguments, either this option must be specified correctly or the order of hidden length arguments changed in the source code.

See also Programming with Mixed Languages Overview and related sections.

-names keyword

Default: -names lowercase

Controls how the case sensitivity of letters in source code identifiers and external names is handled. This naming convention applies whether names are being defined or referenced. This option is useful in mixed-language programming.

keyword is one of the following:

Instead of using this option, consider using the ALIAS directive for the specific name needed.