Language Options

The language options let you specify semantics, syntax, and source file format.

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Descriptions of Language Options


Default: -altparam (alternate syntax is allowed)

Alternate syntax: -[no]dps

Allows alternate syntax (without parentheses) for PARAMETER statements.

The alternate syntax for PARAMETER statements is:

PARAMETER par1=exp1 [, par2=exp2] ...

This form does not have parentheses around the assignment of the constant to the parameter name. With this form, the type of the parameter is determined by the type of the expression being assigned to it and not by any implicit typing.


Default: -nod_lines

Alternate syntax: -DD

Specifies that lines in fixed-format files that contain a D in column 1 should be treated as source code, not comment lines.

-[no]extend_source [size]

Default: -noextend_source, which implies 72 characters; if -extend_source is specified without a size, the default becomes -extend_source 132

Alternate syntax: -{72|80|132}

Specifies the column number used to end the statement field in fixed-form source files: 72, 80, or 132. When a size is specified, that will be the last column parsed as part of the statement field. Any columns after that will be treated as comments.

This option is valid only for fixed-form files.


Default: -nof66 (use current Fortran standards semantics)

Alternate syntax: -66
Specifies that the compiler should select FORTRAN-66 interpretations in cases of incompatibility.  Differences include the following:

-[no]free or -[no]fixed

Default: File extension is used to determine format.

Alternate syntax: -FR is equivalent to -free; -FI is  equivalent to -fixed.

Specifies the format of the Fortran source code. If this option is not specifed, the file extension determines the format:

-openmp or -openmp_stubs

Default: Off (disabled)

Specifies that OpenMP* directives should be processed. Options are:


Default: -nopad_source

Specifies that fixed-form source lines shorter than the statement field width are to be padded with spaces to the end of the statement field. This affects the interpretation of character and Hollerith literals that are continued across source records.

The default value, -nopad_source, causes a warning message to be displayed if a character or Hollerith literal that ends before the statement field ends is continued onto the next source record. To suppress this warning message, specify the -warn nousage option.

Specifying -pad_source can prevent warning messages associated with -warn usage.