Preprocessor Options

The preprocessor options let you specify how the compiler preprocesses files as an optional first phase of the compilation and where it looks for source directories.

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Descriptions of Preprocessor Options

-assume [no]source_include

Default: -assume source_include

Specifies the directory searched for module files specified by a USE statement or source files specified by an INCLUDE statement.

Possible values are:

Note that you can use this option whether or not you use the  -fpp option.


Default: Off

Specifies one or more definitions for use with conditional compilation directives or the Fortran preprocessor, fpp. If you have more than one, use separate -D options.

The value can be a character or integer value. If value not specified, 1 is assumed to be the value for name.

For an example, see Defining Preprocessor Symbols.


Do not use D for name, because it will conflict with the -DD option (alternate syntax for -d_lines). However, you can use the -Dname=n syntax, such as -DD=1.


Default:  -nofpp

Alternate syntax: -[no]cpp; also fpp 0 is equivalent to -nofpp; also fpp n (where n is any number greater than 0) is equivalent to -fpp

Invokes the FPP Preprocessor (fpp) prior to compilation, enabling preprocessor directives.

-cpp is the same as -fpp (runs fpp, not the C preprocessor).


Default: Include path

Specifies one or more directories to add to the include path, which is searched for module files (USE statement) and include files (INCLUDE statement). Use a semicolon delimiter for more than one directory.

To request that the compiler search first in the directory where the source file resides instead of the current directory, specify -assume source_include.

For all USE statements and for those INCLUDE statements whose file name does not begin with a device or directory name, the directories searched are as follows, in this order:

  1. The directory containing the first source file (if -assume source_include was specified, which is the default).

  2. The current default directory where the compilation is taking place.

  3. If specified, the directory or directories listed in the -Idir option. The order of searching multiple directories occurs within the specified list from left to right

  4. The directories indicated in the compile-time environment variable FPATH.

See also -noinclude.


Default: Off

Alternate syntax: -P and -F

Runs the Fortran preprocessor (fpp) and puts the result for each source file in a corresponding .i or .i90 file. The .i or .i90 file does not have line numbers (#) in it. The source file is not compiled.

You need to specify -fpp with this option.

-U name

Default: Off.

Undefines any definition currently in effect for the symbol specified by name.


Default: Off

Passes options (specified by option1, option2, and so forth) to the preprocessor.

This option is the same as -fpp, except that -fpp also invokes fpp.