Debugging a Program that Generates a Signal

If your program encounters a signal (exception) at run time, to make it easier to debug the program, you should recompile and relink with the following command-line options before debugging the cause of the signal:

If requested, idb will catch and handle signals before the Intel Fortran run-time library (RTL) does. You can use the idb commands catch and ignore to control whether idb catches signals or ignores them:

To obtain the appropriate run-time error message when debugging a program that generates a signal (especially one that allows program continuation), you might need to use the ignore command before running the program. For instance, use the following command to tell the debugger to ignore floating-point signals and pass them through to the RTL:

(idb) ignore fpe

In cases where you need to locate the part of the program causing a signal, consider using the where command.