Intel® Fortran Compiler for Linux* Systems User's Guide, Volume I: Building Applications
    Disclaimer and Legal Information
    About the Intel® Fortran Compiler
    What's New in This Release
    How to Use This Document
    Getting Started
    Building Applications
       Building Applications Overview
       Controlling the Compilation Process
       Setting and Viewing Environment Variables
       Running the Shell Script to Set Up the Environment Variables
       Invoking the Intel® Fortran Compiler
       Examples of the ifort Command
       Using Module (.mod) Files
       Searching for Include and .mod Files
       Configuration Files and Response Files
       Specifying Alternative Tool Locations and Options
       Predefined Preprocessor Symbols
       Redirecting Command-Line Output to Files
       Creating, Running, and Debugging an Executable Program
       Creating Shared Libraries
       Allocating Common Blocks
    Compiler Options
    Debugging Using idb
    Data and I/O
    Programming with Mixed Languages
    Error Handling
    Creating and Using Libraries
    Reference Information