Intel® Fortran Compiler for Linux* Systems User's Guide, Volume I: Building Applications
    Disclaimer and Legal Information
    About the Intel® Fortran Compiler
    What's New in This Release
    How to Use This Document
    Getting Started
    Building Applications
    Compiler Options
    Debugging Using idb
    Data and I/O
       Data Representation
          Data Representation Overview
          Intrinsic Data Types
          Integer Data Representations
          Logical Data Representations
          Native IEEE* Floating-Point Representations
             Native IEEE* Floating-Point Representations Overview
             REAL(KIND=4) (REAL) Representation
             REAL(KIND=8) (DOUBLE PRECISION) Representation
             REAL(KIND=16) (EXTENDED PRECISION) Representation
             COMPLEX(KIND=4) (COMPLEX) Representation
             COMPLEX(KIND=8) (DOUBLE COMPLEX) Representation
             COMPLEX(KIND=16) Representation
             File fordef.for and Its Usage
          Character Representation
          Hollerith Representation
       Converting Unformatted Data
       Fortran I/O
    Programming with Mixed Languages
    Error Handling
    Creating and Using Libraries
    Reference Information