Optimization Support Features Overview

This section describes the Intel® Fortran features such as directives, intrinsics, run-time library routines and various utilities which enhance your application performance in support of compiler optimizations. These features are Intel Fortran language extensions that enable you to optimize your source code directly. This section includes examples of optimizations supported by Intel extended directives and intrinsics or library routines that enhance and/or help analyze performance.

For complete details of the Intel® Fortran Compiler directives and examples of their use, see Chapter 14, "Directive Enhanced Compilation," in the Intel® Fortran Language Reference. For intrinsic procedures, see Chapter 9, "Intrinsic Procedures," in the Intel® Fortran Language Reference.  

A final topic describes options that enable you to generate optimization reports for major compiler phases and major optimizations. The optimization report capability is used for Itanium®-based applications only.