Using profmerge to Relocate the Source Files

The compiler uses the full path to the source file for each routine to look up the profile summary information associated with that routine. By default, this prevents you from:

To enable the movement of application sources, as well as the sharing of profile summary files, use the profmerge with -src_old and -src_new options. For example:

prompt>profmerge -prof_dir c:/work -src_old c:/work/sources -src_new d:/project/src

The above command will read the c:/work/pgopti.dpi file. For each routine represented in the pgopti.dpi file, whose source path begins with the c:/work/sources prefix, profmerge replaces that prefix with d:/project/src. The c:/work/pgopti.dpi file is updated with the new source path information.

The following rules apply:

profmerge -src_old "c:/program files" -src_new "e:/program files"

profmerge -src_old c:/proj/application -src_new d:/app