Dumping Profile Information

The _PGOPTI_Prof_Dump() function dumps the profile information collected by the instrumented application and has the following prototype:

void _PGOPTI_Prof_Dump(void);

The profile information is generated in a .dyn file (generated in phase 2 of the PGO).

Recommended usage

Insert a single call to this function in the body of the function which terminates the user application. Normally, _PGOPTI_Prof_Dump() should be called just once.

It is also possible to use this function in conjunction with the _PGOPTI_Prof_Reset() function to generate multiple .dyn files (presumably from multiple sets of input data).


! selectively collect profile information
!  for the portion of the application
!  involved in processing input data

input_data = get_input_data()
do while (input_data)
call _PGOPTI_Prof_Reset()
call process_data(input_data)
call _PGOPTI_Prof_Dump();
input_data = get_input_data();
end do