Volume II: Optimizing Applications
    Optimizing Applications: Overview
    How to Use This Document
    Programming for High Performance
    Compiler Optimizations
       Compiler Optimizations Overview
       Optimizing the Compilation Process
       Optimizing Different Application Types
       Floating-point Arithmetic Optimizations
       Optimizing for Specific Processors
       Interprocedural Optimizations (IPO)
          Overview of Interprocedural Optimizations
          IPO Compilation Model
          Command Line for Creating an IPO Executable
          Generating Multiple IPO Object Files
          Capturing Intermediate Outputs of IPO
          Creating a Multifile IPO Executable Using xild
          Code Layout and Multi-Object IPO
          Compilation with Real Object Files
          Creating a Library from IPO Objects
          Using -ip with -Qoption Specifiers
          Inline Expansion of Functions
       Profile-guided Optimizations
       High-level Language Optimizations (HLO)
    Parallel Programming with Intel® Fortran
    Optimization Support Features