Volume II: Optimizing Applications
    Optimizing Applications: Overview
    How to Use This Document
    Programming for High Performance
    Compiler Optimizations
       Compiler Optimizations Overview
       Optimizing the Compilation Process
       Optimizing Different Application Types
       Floating-point Arithmetic Optimizations
       Optimizing for Specific Processors
       Interprocedural Optimizations (IPO)
       Profile-guided Optimizations
          Profile-guided Optimizations Overview
          Profile-guided Optimizations Methodology and Usage Model
          Basic PGO Options
          Advanced PGO Options
          PGO Environment Variables
          Example of Profile-Guided Optimization
          Merging the .dyn Files
          Using profmerge to Relocate the Source Files
          Code-coverage Tool
          Test Prioritization Tool
          PGO API: Profile Information Generation Support
             PGO API Support Overview
             Dumping Profile Information
             Resetting the Dynamic Profile Counters
             Dumping and Resetting Profile Information
             Interval Profile Dumping
       High-level Language Optimizations (HLO)
    Parallel Programming with Intel® Fortran
    Optimization Support Features