Volume II: Optimizing Applications
    Optimizing Applications: Overview
    How to Use This Document
    Programming for High Performance
    Compiler Optimizations
    Parallel Programming with Intel® Fortran
       Parallelism: An Overview
       Auto-vectorization (IA-32 Only)
       Parallelization with OpenMP*
          Parallelization with OpenMP* Overview
          Programming with OpenMP
          Parallel Processing Thread Model
          Compiling with OpenMP, Directive Format, and Diagnostics
          OpenMP Directives and Clauses Summary
          OpenMP Directive Descriptions
             Parallel Region Directives
             Worksharing Construct Directives
             Combined Parallel/Worksharing Constructs
             Synchronization Constructs
             THREADPRIVATE Directive
          OpenMP Clause Descriptions
          OpenMP Support Libraries
          OpenMP Environment Variables
          OpenMP Run-time Library Routines
          Intel Extension Routines
          Examples of OpenMP Usage
       Debugging Multithreaded Programs
    Optimization Support Features