Selecting the Intel® C++ Compiler

This topic discusses how to use the Intel® C++ Compiler for a single project within Microsoft Visual Studio* .NET.

Note: If you install the Intel C++ Compiler before installing Visual Studio .NET, you will need to either reinstall the compiler, or modify your compiler installation before Visual Studio .NET can recognize the Intel C++ Compiler. See Installation Notes in the Intel C++ Compiler User's Guide for more information.

In this example, you are compiling the gzip.exe application.

Select the Intel C++ Compiler to Compile your Project

You want to use the Intel C++ Compiler as the compiler for your project.


With Solution Explorer, right-click the project whose settings you want to modify, in this case, the gzip project.


Select Convert to use Intel(R) C++ Project System.

The project is converted to use the Intel C++ Compiler as the default compiler.

Note: You can revert to using the Microsoft compiler by repeating this step 1, and then selecting Convert to use Visual C++ Project System (Not shown here.)

Select the Microsoft Compiler for an Individual File

Although you chose the Intel compiler as your project's compiler, you want to use the Microsoft compiler to compile a specific file within the project.


With Solution Explorer, right-click on the file whose settings you want to modify.


Select Properties.


Be sure the correct configuration is selected (in the red frame).


Select Intel® Specific in the left pane (in the orange frame).


The right pane displays the Compiler and Environment Settings. Select Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler (cl.exe) from the drop-down list (in the blue frame).


Click OK.