PGO Example

This example has two input files. The second step collects more data every time it executes

  1. Instrumented compilation
    The program main.c calls other.c.

    prompt>icl -Qprof_gen -Fepgo.exe main.c other.c

  2. Instrumented execution
    Each execution creates a separate data file with a .dyn suffix. Using multiple inputs may be more representative of your workload than a single input:

    prompt>pgo.exe input1
    prompt>pgo.exe input2
    prompt>pgo.exe input3

  3. Feedback compilation
    This step merges all the .dyn files into the pgopti.dpi file and uses them as input for the compilation.

    prompt>icl -Qprof_use -Fepgo.exe main.c other.c