Installing and Using MATLAB on Mac OS X

Installing and Starting MATLAB

This release of MATLAB for the Macintosh contains all of the MathWorks products that are currently available for the Macintosh platform.
Describes MATLAB for the Macintosh and the other available products
Describes how to create a License File
Describes system requirements and how to install your MathWorks products on the Macintosh
Setting Up User-Based Licensing
Describes steps to include all licensed users
Starting the License Manager at Startup
Describes steps to automatically start the License Manager when you start your machine
Starting MATLAB
Describes the startup process for MATLAB
Describes how to set up a printer
Removing (Uninstalling) a MATLAB Installation
Describes how to remove the MATLAB family of products from your Macintosh
Where to Go from Here
Describes other installation tasks that you may need to perform