Installing and Using MATLAB on Mac OS X    

The Options File

The installer creates the options file, $MATLAB/etc/MLM.opt, as part of the installation process. The installer puts in the options file an INCLUDE line for each product you are licensed to install and run. By default, the installer puts the username of the person who performed the install in these INCLUDE lines. If you performed your own installation, the options file may not need editing. However, if you performed the installation for another user, or if you had root privileges when you performed the installation, you will need to edit this options file.

For example, if your username is sysadmin, the options file would look like this:

You must replace sysadmin in these INCLUDE statements with the usernames of the licensed users. If multiple users are licensed for the same product, you must create a separate INCLUDE line for each user or use the FLEXlm GROUP syntax. (The number of users must not exceed the number of license keys available for that product.) This example shows both methods.

  Setting Up User-Based Licensing Starting the License Manager at Startup