Installing and Using MATLAB on Mac OS X    

Starting the License Manager at Startup

There is a folder, MATLABLmgr, in $MATLAB/etc that automatically starts the License Manager when you start your machine. By installing and configuring this folder, you will not have to manually start the License Manager prior to starting MATLAB.

Installing the Script

You must be an Administrator to install this startup folder:

  1. Navigate to the top level /Library folder.
  2. Create a folder within /Library called StartupItems, if it does not already exist.
  3. Copy the $MATLAB/etc/MATLABLmgr folder into the StartupItems folder.
  4. Open /Library/StartupItems/MATLABLmgr/MATLABLmgr with a text editor.
  5. Change |>MATLAB<| to be the location where MATLAB is installed (as a POSIX file specifier, such as /Applications/MATLAB6p5).
  6. Change |>ME<| to be the user name under which the License Manager daemon will be started. For example, use your own userid. To determine your userid, open the Terminal application and type whoami at the Terminal prompt. For security reasons, the userid must not be root.
  7. Save the MATLABLmgr file with your changes. If your text editor gives you the option to choose line ending styles (Macintosh versus UNIX), be sure to choose UNIX line endings.
  8. Reboot.

During bootup, the message Starting MATLAB License Manager should appear on the screen.

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