Installing and Using MATLAB on Mac OS X    

Performing the Steps Manually

If necessary, you can manually execute the three steps required to start MATLAB.

Start X Windows..   To start X Windows, locate the OroborOSX icon and double-click it.

Start the license manager..   The license manager must be running to start MATLAB. If the license manager daemons are not running, start them by executing the lmstart script (located in the $MATLAB/etc directory).

Run MATLAB..   

Using Symbolic Links.   If you set up symbolic links during the MATLAB installation procedure or you added matlab to the path, you can run MATLAB by entering at the command prompt

Using Full Pathname.   If you did not set up symbolic links to MATLAB, you can run MATLAB from any directory by typing the full pathname to the executable program. For example, if the MATLAB executable (matlab) is located in /Users/jsmith/matlab6p5/bin, and you are in the /Documents directory, you can run MATLAB by entering

Using Relative Pathname.   You can also run MATLAB by entering the relative path to the MATLAB executable. For example, if you are in the matlab6p5 directory, you can enter

If you are in the actual directory where the executable is located, you must enter

  Starting MATLAB Printing