Installing and Using MATLAB on Mac OS X    


This release reintroduces MATLAB® and its associated products to the Macintosh platform.

About This Version

This version of MATLAB for Macintosh runs on OS X version 10.1.4 (or later) systems as an X Windows application; it does not include special functionality associated with the Aqua user interface, but it looks like an Aqua application through the use of OroborOSX, which is included on the CD. OroborOSX provides functionality that is more consistent with the Macintosh.

Since OS X is based on UNIX, this version of MATLAB is also based on UNIX. Consequently, as you use MATLAB and its related products, you need to keep in mind that your base platform is UNIX. For example, if you use the mex command, you will be using the UNIX version, so the options file is You can find more information about mex on UNIX in the External Interfaces/API documentation, which is accessible from Help.

  Installing and Starting MATLAB System Requirements