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Product Licensing

When you purchase products, The MathWorks sends you license information by e-mail or fax. You use this licensing information to create a License File. If you did not receive your license information, see Obtaining Your License File from The MathWorks.

The license information you received from The MathWorks contains a set of license passcodes. These license passcodes

The following is a sample set of license passcodes sent by The MathWorks. Lines that begin with a pound sign (#) are comments. The TMW_Archive INCREMENT line specifies the products you are licensed to install. The other INCREMENT lines identify products you are licensed to run. In this example, the USER_BASED keyword in the INCREMENT lines indicate it's a user-based license.

Creating a License File

When you receive your license e-mail message from The Mathworks, open a text file, using a text editor, and copy the section of the message marked by the BEGIN and END lines into that text file. Name the file license.dat and store it on your desktop or in any convenient directory. We recommend you save the license.dat file on your desktop because the Installer will automatically find it and use it for the installation. If you save it in a different location, you will have to locate it for the Installer. For more detailed information about License Files and licensing, see the License Management chapter in the Installation Guide for UNIX.

When creating a License File, note the following:

If you received your license passcodes in a fax, create the License File in the same way, typing in the license passcode information exactly as it appears in the fax. Note that License Files are case sensitive.

Obtaining Your License File from The MathWorks

If you do not have your License File, you can obtain it by contacting The MathWorks via:

Please have ready, or include in your e-mail or fax, the following items:

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