Installing and Using MATLAB on Mac OS X    


The typical MATLAB installation installs

Although a complete installation can take some time, there is an installation utility that simplifies the process greatly. The installation utility installs all three components necessary for a complete installation. The following sections fully describe the steps you must follow to install the products.

Getting Ready to Install

These instructions describe how to install the MathWorks Release 13 products on a single system in either a stand-alone workstation or file server environment. The software is ordinarily installed on a single file system. This can be an individual user's computer in the case of a stand-alone workstation, or a central file server for networked installations.


The MathWorks products are distributed on a set of CDs or over the Internet. (Depending on your license option, you may also receive additional CDs containing the Windows version of the software.) For a detailed list of the files, see the MATLAB Directory Structure chapter in the Installation Guide for UNIX.

Before You Install

Before you run the Installer utility:

  Product Licensing Starting the Installation Process