MATLAB Installation Guide for Unix

Installing Release 13 on UNIX Workstations

This section contains instructions for installing Release 13 of the MATLAB family of products and FLEXlm, the licensing software used by MATLAB. (FLEXlm is a product of GLOBEtrotter Software, Inc.) Topics covered include
Product Licensing
Describes the licensing information you need to install MathWorks products
System Requirements
Details the system requirements to run MATLAB
Installing MATLAB
Describes how to install MATLAB and the license manager on a server
Installing MATLAB on a Client System
Describes the installation procedure on client systems
After You Install
Describes post-installation tasks
Installing Additional Products
Describes how to run the installation procedure to install additional products
Removing a MATLAB Installation
Describes how to remove a MATLAB installation
Mounting a CD-ROM Drive Remotely
Provides the commands required to mount a CD-ROM drive on supported platforms

 Product Licensing