Aerospace Blockset Release Notes    

Chapter 1
Aerospace Blockset 1.01 Release Notes

Introduction to the Aerospace Blockset

The Aerospace Blockset brings the full power of Simulink® to aerospace system design, integration, and simulation by providing key aerospace subsystems and components in the adaptable Simulink block format. From environmental models to equations of motion, from gain scheduling to animation, the blockset gives you the core components to rapidly and efficiently assemble a broad range of large aerospace system architectures.

Use the Aerospace Blockset and Simulink to develop your aerospace system concepts, and to efficiently revise and test throughout the life cycle of your design. Use the Aerospace Blockset together with Real-Time Workshop® to automatically generate code for real-time execution in rapid prototyping and for hardware-in-the-loop systems.

The Aerospace Blockset is a collection of block libraries for use with Simulink. The blockset extends Simulink by providing core components for large aerospace systems. You can use blocks from the Aerospace Blockset in the same way that you would use any other Simulink blocks, combining them with blocks from other libraries to create sophisticated aerospace systems.

The Aerospace Blockset libraries are designed specifically for aerospace applications and include such key operations as environmental modeling, modeling equations of motion, gain scheduling, unit conversion, and more.

You will find that the blockset can be put to work rapidly. The blocks implement mathematical representations from textbooks and references and the experience of the engineers at The MathWorks.


You must have the following products installed to use the Aerospace Blockset:

Virtual Reality-Based Visualization

The optional virtual reality-based visualization blocks in the Aerospace Blockset require the Virtual Reality Toolbox Version 3.0:

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