MATLAB Link for Code Composer Studio Development Tools Release Notes    

Chapter 1
MATLAB Link for Code Composer StudioTM Development Tools 1.0 Release Notes

New Features

This section is organized into the following subsections:

Product Restructuring

The Developer's Kit for Texas InstrumentsTM DSP has been restructured into two products with distinct feature sets:

Together, the products provide capability beyond what was provided by the former product, the Developer's Kit for Texas Instruments DSP 1.2.

Added Support For All C6000 and C5000 DSP Families

MATLAB Link for Code Composer Studio works with both the C6000 and C5000 DSP families.

New MATLAB Objects for Accessing Data on the Target

Using a new object constructor function createobj, you can make MATLAB objects that represent data in DSP memory or in DSP registers in CCS projects. These new objects let you access complex data stored in many forms on your target, such as:

In addition to the new objects, new functions (methods) and overloading of existing functions lets you manipulate the new objects and their contents.

New Profile Reporting Capability

Using the existing profile function, you get a profile report in HTML. When you choose the 'report' input option to profile with your CCS project, the report contains information about the operation of your project. The new report contains the same information returned in a MATLAB structure by function profile.

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